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april 2018 - present


i was hired by mondo to create wordpress blogs for course hero. i utilized the sage theme from the roots.io package which allowed us to take advantage of advanced front end workflows using node.js, webpack, sass, blade templating, composer packaging, and yarn

current work includes building and maintaining various react apps throughout the site.

september 2017 - february 2019


i was hired by grio to supplement an agile team for yahoo's rivals website. the stack was ruby on rails and angular. testing platform was rspec and jasmine. ci/cd was handled by github, circleci, and heroku. i built new features within the existing website/platform.

current work includes converting angular to react with typescript, redux, webpacker/webpack, and jest.

march 2018 – august 2018


i was hired by shaklee to update and maintain their shaklee connect app for ios and android. app is written using ionic/angularjs.

job functions included building for latest os for ios and android, troubleshooting bugs, and releases for the app stores.

september 2017 – december 2017

team rubicon

i was hired by velowerks to be a technical architect for team rubicon's website. the site is based on the roots.io wordpress stack. ci/cd was handled via circleci and github. html/css/js utilized html5/css3, jquery, and sass.

august 2016 – october 2017


i was hired by hero digital to build a tournament site for supercell for the clash royale product. the site was built in wordpress and utilized the roots.io stack. front end workflow included node.js and gulp. html5/css3/jquery were used.

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